What is Series Betting in cricket betting


In a series betting a better place, a bet with your online cricket satta ID on the outcome of a specific cricket match series. The series betting provides many types of opportunities to the bettor so that they can make a prediction about different outcomes in many cricket match series, about the overall cricket match winner in a specific series or to make a prediction over the scoreline. Here are some points given to have a better understanding of series betting in cricket betting.

The winner of a series

The bettor places a bet with their online cricket betting id on the team who has the potential to win the overall cricket match series. All types of records of the players or teams, the advantages of Home teams, the form of the players of a cricket team and the composition of the squad should be considered by the bettors during the cricket match series, to assess the odds of the winner of the cricket series.

Exact scores of a series

The bettor can make a prediction about the scoreline in a exact number of a specific cricket match series by including the overall sequence of results of a specific match series. It can be as 3-2,  2-0 and 2-1. To make the prediction on exact course of a cricket series, the form of the players, matchups of the team players in every game and performance of players of the team should be analysed to maintain the accuracy of the production made by a bettor.

Betting on the scoreline

The bettor can place a bet with their online cricket betting id provider on the scoreline of the cricket match series by including the total number of the cricket matches that have been won by each player of a team or it can be the overall margin of cricket series. Outcome of past cricket series, strength of the team and condition of the need to be included to bet over the score line.

Betting by handicap in cricket series

To level the field of the playing while placing a bet by handicap in series betting it needs to be applied on one team or on the two teams. The betting by handicap in series can provide valuable opportunities at the time when a team is being favored on a high-level or have more advantages than the other teams significantly.

Top runs in the series

The predictions can be made on the expected number of the runs scored by a player during cricket series. The player who scored the most runs can be batted on. The individual form of betting, condition of the playing , matchups and performance of the players in the series in the past need to be considered to assess the odds of the runs scored in the series.


In series betting the winner of a series, exact score of a series, batting on the score line, betting by handicap in cricket series and top squad runs scored by a player in the series are important factors that need to be included or analysed by a bettor while placing a bet during series cricket betting.

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