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Laser 247 Com is your 24/7 cricket betting hub. Start cricket betting with confidence and ease by joining our community of dedicated cricket enthusiasts. Every match is a chance to score at WicketWin365. play smart, play safe, and win big!

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Reliable, Quickest, Oldest welcomes you into an unforgettable hassle free betting experience or the cricket fans. With the best options for betting IDs, playing with best betting choices is easier than ever now. With live scores, match updates and much more, offers the best solutions widening your betting horizon.

Step 1.

Register - Use WhatsApp to obtain your Betting ID

Step 2.

Login - Access your account and add money to your recharge

Step 3.

Place Bet - At this point, you should make a wager in your account

Step 4.

At this point, you should unwind and wait for the monitor

What makes Laser247 the first choice?

Steps To Acquire the Laser 247 Com ID

Want to get your cricket betting ID? Actually it is pretty easy! You just have to following the steps mentioned below.

Access our web:

At, in the registration tab, you’ll find all the information required to build your betting ID.

Fill in your details:

Provide us with your basic information, such as your name, contact details, and preferred username and password. We guarantee your information is safe and secure with us.

Verify your account: values its service and the trust of our clients, and our customer care may ask to verify your identity. Simply follow the prompts to complete this step, and you can start betting.

Select your game: presents an array of cricket betting options for you. Our range will comprise T20, Test matches, and international tournaments.

Start your bet: With verified confirmation of your account, you can proceed in your betting journey on your favorite cricket matches. Enjoy live scores, updated matches, and the elated feeling of winning big at

Are you ready to start?

Advantages For Playing With ID

Playing with ID offers so many benefits that are both accessible and suitable for the novice and professional bettor. Match prediction betting is one of the easier forms of betting and can be easily understood, especially for beginners who are new to online betting. As opposed to trading in complex ways, match prediction betting simply reports match prediction outcomes.

Next, opens up a wider level of betting, leaving no one behind. From the individual performances of players to specific events in a match, our platform offers all stakeholders a variety of bets that suit various interests. It adds thrill and engagement to betting that means there is something for everyone.

Another important aspect of playing with a ID is the minimal time commitment factor. While active trading or other forms of betting do require continuous monitoring and management, match prediction betting is simply done by analyzing teams and placing bets before a match begins. 

Compliance with regulations: There are specific regulations linked with sports betting and online gambling and they differ region to region. The users will have to be aware of these norms and according to that play the bets. All restrictions and limitation under the jurisdiction of the specific region will apply here.


Responsible gambling: is always a promoter of practices of responsible gambling. makes encouragements to the players to place their bets responsibly. Those who have previous gambling addictions or problems should stay away from opting the ID and seek help.

Min. Deposit

INR 100

Min. Withdrawal

INR 100

Process Time



24*7 Days

A Safe Play Option with Laser 247

Puristic in believing that safety should not be compromised for anything, is committed to delivering a safe and responsible way of betting for all its customers. Below are some tips towards playing safe with

Lay your limits

Set a budget for your betting activities, and stick to it. The majority of people find themselves going beyond, so they end up betting money they cannot afford to lose.

Know the game

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself before you place a bet. Educate yourself on the rules and strategies of betting on cricket to increase the chances of making informed decisions.

Use secure payment methods

Select secure payment methods offered by to protect your financial information and transactions.

Play responsibly

Do not chase losses or bet money you cannot afford to lose. Bet for fun and balance your betting activities with the other forms of activities in your life.

Why Choose Us

At, we are your one-stop-shop for the best cricket betting experience with all the factors that distinguish us from other platforms. Here is why you should choose us:

A trusted platform: We have decades of experience in the field. In the many years we have been in operation, we have earned the reputation of being a stable, reliable, and honest betting platform for our customers. 

Betting options galore: Our platform offers a wide range of betting options far beyond the basic act of predicting match outcomes. From the performance of the players to match-specific events, our platform offers many options for bettors of any and all interests, ensuring a full range of opportunities to keep your betting party going on.

User-friendly interface: Our site is user-friendly and intuitive. It is easy even for novices and experienced bettors to navigate our platform and place bets seamlessly. Whether you are visiting our site on your computer or mobile device, you will enjoy a smooth and hassle-free betting experience.

Customer support: Our customer care professionals are always ready to cater to your needs. If you have queries or concerns over any aspect of the account verification, payment, and any general issue, do not hesitate to reach us, and we will be there for you.


If you want to gain eligibility in cricket betting ID, then you need to pass certain criteria. For being a responsible person in the world of online betting, the following betting eligibility criteria are essential.

Legal age:’s betting ID is for those who have passed the legal age. That means that those who are at least 18 years old can only opt for the betting IDs. This is the minimum legal age for any player.

FAQs offers a variety of betting options for cricket to suit your tastes and preferences. From the outright result to the performance of players and the match events, our platform presents you with an array of different options to bet and win.

The Laser247 platform may be used to request withdrawals, after which the money is sent to the account of your choice.

Yes, at, we are aware that the security and privacy of your information are of paramount importance. This is why we have implemented the latest encryption technologies and strict protocols in regard to data protection to safeguard your personal and financial information. We will never sell or share your information with a third party without having your prior consent. is committed to responsible gambling practices and ensures that all our users have safe and enjoyable betting environments. We ensure that resources which offer self-exclusion, budget controls, and help to keep our users safe from gambling problems are made available to all. 

Before making actual wagers, players may test out some games on Laser247 through free play or sample modes.